How big is the Mega Cab back seat?

How big is the Mega Cab back seat?

How big is the Mega Cab back seat?

For remarkable interior space, choose a Mega CabĀ® model, which boasts impressive interior storage options and 43 inches of rear-seat legroom.

Do Ram Mega Cab rear seats recline?

Inside, the Ram Mega Cab features reclining rear seats that tilt from 22- to 37-degrees, an industry-first for a pickup truck, the auto maker says.

Do Mega Cab seats fold up?

Active Member Unlike crew cabs, megcab rear seat folds down creating a flat surface.

How do you fold down the back seat in a Mega Cab Ram 2021 2500?

How to Put Your Seats Down in Your Ram

  1. Step 1: Open both back doors.
  2. Step 2: Find the seat release cord.
  3. Step 3: Pull the release cord until the seat pops up slightly.
  4. Step 4: Push down on the back of the seat, folding it toward the front of the vehicle.

Can you sleep in a Dodge Mega Cab?

I had a Mega, and I am 6’4″ and it is not good at all to sleep in , you will be on your either side with your legs curled up and no room to stretch. it was horrible , now i have a Ram Crew Cab long bed with Topper and good mattress , its like sleeping in my house bed!! , you will be more comfortable.

What is the difference between Ram Crew Cab and Mega Cab?

While the Crew Cab will work best for those looking for added bed space, the Mega Cab is ideal for those who prioritize interior room. With the Crew Cab, you can choose between either the long bed (8 feet) or short bed (6 feet 4 inches), whereas the Mega Cab is only available with the short bed.

Is a Mega Cab bigger than a crew cab?

The Mega Cab rides on the same wheelbase as the Crew Cab, but its cabin is considerably bigger. That means you’ll enjoy: Best-in-Class interior storage. 43 inches of rear-seat legroom.

Do Ram 1500 rear seats recline?

Rear seat passengers can enjoy Best-in-Class 45.2 inches of spacious rear legroom 6, experience eight varying degrees of rear seat recline 7 thanks to the Class-Exclusive available reclining rear seat 8, and store tools and cargo in convenient and Class-Exclusive available in-floor storage 9.