Does Winterhaven cost money?

Does Winterhaven cost money?

Does Winterhaven cost money?

The Festival is free to attend. We ask everyone to bring a donation of food or money for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. In 2019, the Tucson community donated $22,015 and 46,474 pounds of food to the Food Bank during the Festival of Lights.

Can you drive thru Winterhaven?

Q: Is there a Drive Through Night and can you walk through during that night? A: Yes. The Drive Thru Night is on the 26th for those who can’t or choose not to walk. You can also walk during this night, just be careful as many cars drive without lights.

How big is Winterhaven Tucson?

Winterhaven consists of 265 residences and 3 well sites.

How long does Winterhaven in Tucson last?

This two week festival attracts over 60,000 visitors and is free of charge. The Festival provides entertainment and holiday cheer to the community as well as generates significant cash and food donations for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Can dogs go to Winterhaven Tucson?

Dogs are also allowed but they must be on a leash and owners should bring baggies just in case. Biking around Winterhaven is discouraged due to the large number of people walking during the festival.

Are dogs allowed at Winterhaven Tucson AZ?

Where is Disney Lane Tucson?

Disney Lane on Tucson’s northwest side Welcome to “Tammeron Toons featuring Disney Lane”, a collection of houses in the Tammeron Court Neighborhood that displays some of the most-beloved movie and television characters of our youth — like the Peanuts gang, Disney princesses and Star Wars everything.

How long has Winterhaven been around?

The event was started in 1949 by Winterhaven’s original developer, C.B. Richards, after he visited some similar neighborhood light displays in Beverly Hills, Cali. In fact, the whole neighborhood was designed in hopes of one day being able to host a big holiday festival like the one we see today.