Does Southwest have a loyalty program?

Does Southwest have a loyalty program?

Does Southwest have a loyalty program?

Southwest Airlines has a legion of fans because of its low fares and simple loyalty program. Southwest Rapid Rewards members can earn points by flying, spending on co-branded credit cards, shopping online and more. Points are most notably redeemable for any Southwest flight that has a seat available.

How does Southwest loyalty program work?

As a Rapid Rewards® Member, you earn points by flying or spending with our partners and can use them how and when you want. Plus, if you’re short on points, you can always purchase more to get that reward you’ve been eyeing. Booking a vacation without worrying about blackout dates. That’s Transfarency.

How much do you have to spend for Southwest Companion Pass?

Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers. Visit to learn more. With the Southwest Companion Pass, you can choose a designated companion to fly with you nearly for free for as long as you hold the pass. Your companion must pay taxes and fees, which start at $5.60 one way.

How many miles does it take for a free flight on Southwest?

How many miles needed for a free flight by airline

Airline Coach/Economy Business class
American Airlines 10,000-30,000 20,000-55,000
Delta Air Lines 8,000-36,500 56,000-112,500
Southwest Airlines 7,519-57,088 12,194-60,175
United Airlines 10,600-20,800 25,000-75,500

Do SW points expire?

Do the points I earn expire? No, your Rapid Rewards points do not expire.

Does Southwest Companion Pass have to be same person?

Anyone can be your companion After you set your initial companion, you can change it three times in 2022 and then three times in 2023 — if you earn the pass in 2022. This means you can have up to seven different people fly with you on the pass over two different calendar years.