Does Remington still make a 552 Speedmaster?

Does Remington still make a 552 Speedmaster?

Does Remington still make a 552 Speedmaster?

Current Production The Speedmaster is still produced in an upgraded “BDL” model, featuring a checkered walnut butt stock and forearm with a gloss finish.

When was the Remington Speedmaster 552 made?

The Remington Model 552 “Speedmaster” is a semi-automatic, . 22 calibre, rifle manufactured by Remington Arms since 1957.

How many rounds does a Remington Speedmaster 552 hold?

Remington Model 552 BDL Deluxe Speedmaster Semi Automatic Rifle . 22 LR 21″ Barrel 20 Round Capacity Walnut Stock Blued Barrel 5594.

What year was the Remington 550 1 made?

As best we can tell, the 550-1 came about in 1946, the 550-1 uses a different extractor than the 550A, along with some other small changes. Regardless, the 550 series was a wood-stocked . 22 long rifle that fed from a tube magazine. Remington made large quantities of them until 1971 when production ceased.

What years was the Remington 550 1 made?

Is the Remington 552 still made?

Now in its 50th year of production, the lightning-quick Model 552 BDL Speedmaster is the only American-made 22 autoloader that handles 22 short, long and long rifle cartridges interchangeably.

What rifles can shoot a 22 short?

. 22 Short/. 22 Long Rifle Rifles

  • Henry Repeating Arms H004LE. Caliber .22 Short/.22 Long Rifle.
  • Henry Repeating Arms H001L. Caliber .22 Short/.22 Long Rifle.
  • Marlin Firearms 70692.
  • Henry Repeating Arms H004SAT.
  • Browning 24125103.
  • Marlin Firearms 70693.
  • Henry Repeating Arms H004AF.
  • Marlin Firearms 70821.

Do they still make .22 shorts?

22 Short in the marketplace, many ammunition companies still produce . 22 Shorts, and in a fairly wide variety. Most makers utilize the standard 29-grain (1.9 g) solid round nose bullet and 27-grain (1.7 g) hollow point bullet weights for the . 22 Short.