Does Pennsylvania have service plazas?

Does Pennsylvania have service plazas?

Does Pennsylvania have service plazas?

There are 17 service plazas located along the PA Turnpike to meet travelers’ needs.

How do I pay PA turnpike tolls?

Payments can be made via check, money order or by credit card (i.e. Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover). Cash payments are only accepted at the PA Turnpike E‑ZPass Customer Service Center located at 300 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

How much are tolls on the Pennsylvania turnpike?

Passenger vehicle tolls will increase from $1.60 to $1.70 for E-ZPass customers and for toll by plate customers the rate will increase from $3.90 to $4.10. Class-5 tractor trailer tolls will increase from $13 to $13.70 for E-ZPass and $26.60 to $28 for Toll by Plate customers.

Why are Starbucks closed on PA Turnpike?

The Tribune-Democrat The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has announced that five of its 17 Starbucks locations inside service plazas have closed or will close briefly for remodeling. Renovations began this month and will be completed by mid-October as part of ongoing upgrades.

Does Pennsylvania have rest stops?

Pennsylvania rest areas are typically roadside facilities that provide, parking at a minimum. Although some may have picnic areas and so much more. They are mainly maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

How many Starbucks are in Philadelphia?

There are more than 70 Starbucks locations in the Philadelphia region, with more than 25 in Philly alone. Click here to find the locations nearest to you.

How long can you stay at a rest stop in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Maximum stay of two (2) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period. Vehicles remaining more than 24 hours will be considered abandoned and will be towed away. Parking at a rest area that is not located along an Interstate is prohibited from dusk until dawn.