Does my car need an emissions test Pennsylvania?

Does my car need an emissions test Pennsylvania?

Does my car need an emissions test Pennsylvania?

Right now, gas-powered cars, vans and light trucks registered in Pennsylvania that are model year 1975 and newer must be tested each year. Since the requirement started in 2011, less than 4 percent of all vehicles failed the test according to a Senate release.

Can you pass pa inspection with a check engine light?

If the check engine light is illuminated, it will fail emission inspection. A diagnostic and repair must be performed and the light must be reset before your car will pass the emission inspection. Resetting the checking engine light after a repair takes some time and requires the car to be driven for at least 25 miles.

What cars are exempt from emissions in Pennsylvania?

Smog Check Exemptions for Pennsylvania Drivers

  • Motorcycles.
  • Vehicles that were driven less than 5000 miles and owned by the current owner for more than a year.
  • New vehicles that were driven less than 5000 miles.
  • Vehicles with antique, collectible or classic vehicle registrations.
  • Vehicles registered as street rods.

Which counties in Pa require emissions testing?

Cambria, Centre, Chester, Cumberland,Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming,Mercer, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Washington, Westmoreland and York counties are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

How do I get emissions exempt in PA?

Vehicles will be exempt from the program if: • the vehicle has been owned for one year and driven less than 5,000 miles in the prior year. However, motorists must go to an emissions inspection station to verify the vehicle’s mileage and receive an exemption sticker.

Is there a grace period for car inspection in PA?

There is a ten-day grace period after the expiration date. Still, you can only drive the car during that time if you can prove you have an appointment at a licensed PennDot inspection station and you are driving to that appointment.

How do I get an emissions waiver in PA?

A certified emissions inspection station with a certified repair technician on staff may issue a waiver for a vehicle that does not pass an emissions inspection after the vehicle owner has made a minimum of $150 worth of emissions-related repairs. A waiver is valid for one year.

How do I get exempt from emissions in PA?

inspection can qualify for an exemption sticker if you have owned the vehicle for one year or more. Just take your vehicle to an inspection station to verify your mileage and apply for an exemption sticker. Stations may charge a fee for an exemption.