Does Makeup Geek still exist?

Does Makeup Geek still exist?

Does Makeup Geek still exist?

We are heartbroken to announce the closure of Makeup Geek in April 2022. Thank you to all our Makeup Geeks!

Why Makeup Geek is closing?

As per a recent youTube video, the company founder Marlena Stell announced her plans to shut down Makeup Geek. Marlena states the closing as a result of the pandemic and supply chain issues. This wasn’t a choice she had planned to make this year but it seems like she was forced to do so due to the pandemic.

How old is Makeup Geek?

Marlena Stell, 35, was a high school music teacher who loved makeup. About seven years ago she started a YouTube channel called Makeup Geek where she taught cosmetics application.

Who is the owner of Makeup Geek?

Marlena Stell
Marlena Stell has a total dream story. She went from being a beauty blogger making popular YouTube videos to becoming the founder of Makeup Geek, a four-year-old makeup company that has over a million followers on Instagram and counts celebrity makeup artists like Jamie Greenburg and Ariel Tejada as fans.

Why is Marlena leaving Makeup Geek?

Blaming the covid pandemic and the ensuing pivot to makeup-less looks as well as supply chain issues, company founder Marlena Stell took to social media to say she was shutting down the brand.

Why is Marlena closing Makeup Geek?

Marlena Stell, OG YouTube beauty guru and founder of Makeup Geek, made the announcement on her channel, citing supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic as a major reason for the brand’s closing.

Who is the highest paid beauty YouTuber?

Who is the highest paid beauty influencer? James Charles is the highest paid beauty influencer. He’s estimated to make $25,520 per video on YouTube. On Instagram and TikTok, his posts are estimated to help him earn $89,711 and $35,502, respectively.

Where is Makeup Geek made?

Our products are always high-quality, cruelty-free and ethically-made. Makeup Geek has one office location in Jackson, Michigan, and is available globally via our website.

Is Makeup Geek cruelty-free?

Our labs, manufacturers and ingredients suppliers also do not test on animals. We are PETA Certified with a cruelty-free certification. ALL Makeup Geek products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals. MOST of our products are vegan.

When did Makeup Geek launch?

In 2009, Marlena quit her teaching job and launched as an online beauty retailer and education hub.

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