Does EVE Online have a chat?

Does EVE Online have a chat?

Does EVE Online have a chat?

About Help Channel and #eve-chaos The official in-game chat channel for Eve Online players to share information about the game or get assistance from volunteer members of the Interstellar Services Department is Help Channel.

How do I join a chat in EVE Online?

Steps to Join an In Game Channel (IGC)

  1. Step 1: Log into the game (duh, right?)
  2. Step 2: There’s 2 ways to get to the Chat Channels window.
  3. Step 3: Enter the name of the channel you want to join in the text box then click join.

How do I contact Eve support?

Email – Send us a message directly via email to [email protected] which will create a support ticket.

How do I report a player in EVE?

Players may report any in-game offenses through a Support Ticket or via an e-mail to our [email protected] address. Players submitting reports of offenses are asked to include the offenders name and details about the offense in any report they submit.

How do I link a chat channel in EVE?

Linking a chat channel As long as you have joined the channel, find it in the folder (fleets and other temporary channels may be found in the Player Channels folder) and simply drag and drop the channel link into chat, email, etc.

How do I get a refund in EVE?

  1. First thing’s first, familiarize yourself with the Warranty or Terms you have entered in with Eve.
  2. First Option: Contact Eve support
  3. Second Option: Credit Card Chargeback.
  4. Third Option: Contact the Hong Kong Consumer Protection.

Who owns CCP?

Pearl AbyssCCP Games / Parent organization

How do I report a Botter in EVE Online?

Follow these 3 steps to report a bot suspect in-game:

  1. Open the Character Information Window.
  2. Select the Report Bot entry from the Actions Menu.
  3. Confirm the submission of the report.

Is EVE Online hard to get into?

EVE is big, complex, and scary, but the right attitude can conquer it. EVE Online is the most difficult MMO you could ever attempt to play—and I’m not being at all hyperbolic here. It’s obtuse, incredibly complex, and steeped in a culture built around the philosophy of the strong feeding from the weak.