Does Annabeth go blind?

Does Annabeth go blind?

Does Annabeth go blind?

Annabeth was cursed with blindness, from the fact that she killed Polyphemus in the Sea of Monsters, using her invisibility cap and called herself “nobody”. As such, before he died, cursed Annabeth with blindness, resulting in her turning blind after killing one of the arai.

Who is Bianca reborn as?

Bianca has chosen rebirth. As a newborn baby, she’s washed down the river Lethe and ends up as Estelle Jackson-Blofis and has lived the first twelve years of her life like a normal girl. But after a day in the park goes weird, Stella gets visions from her past life.

Can Percy Jackson blood Bend?

He can bloodbend, because blood is 55 percent made of plasma wich is mostly water.

Is Annabeth afraid of Percy?

Annabeth’s arachnophobia is more acute than even that of her siblings because of her childhood experience with them. Her fear of spiders shows itself many times during the Percy Jackson & the Olympians, & Hero’s of Olympus series. The demigod children of Hephaestus have acrophobia (fear of heights).

What happened to the Argo II at the Parthenon?

Although they win, by the time that the battle is over, the Argo II is left severely damaged, barely aloft and moored to the top of the Parthenon, half of the ship’s oars broken off or tangled, the sails peppered with burning holes and smoke streaming from several large splits in the hull.

What is the difference between the Argo and Argo II?

The Argo is the original ship of Jason and the Argonauts, on which they sailed on their quest for the Golden Fleece. The ship was named after its builder, Argus. The original Jason was killed when its mast, built from a tree of the Grove of Dodona, fell on him and crushed him. The Argo II is named after the ship.

What is the Argo II in Heroes of Olympus?

The Argo II is a Greek warship designed by Leo Valdez, and built by the Greek demigod campers of Cabin Nine at Camp Half-Blood . The Argo II has been in 5 out of the 6 books in The Heroes of Olympus series. Note: It also appeared in the short story Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford briefly

How does terminus intercept the Argo II?

The Argo II arrives at Camp Jupiter and attracts the attention of the demigods and the legacies at camp. Terminus intercepts them by appearing on their ship, telling them that they cannot proceed past his Pomeranian Line, and that they cannot land, so they convince him to let the ship float over New Rome instead.