Does 8 hours of work include lunch in India?

Does 8 hours of work include lunch in India?

Does 8 hours of work include lunch in India?

It depends from company to company and their policies. Generally, companies call it a 9 hour shift with an hour or so for lunch and tea breaks especially in India. However, there are some companies that have 8 hour shift included lunch hour. Such companies are very less.

Is 6 days working legal in India?

As per the Factories Act 1948, every adult (a person who has completed 18 years of age) cannot work for more than 48 hours in a week and not more than 9 hours in a day. According to Section 51 of the Act, the spread over should not exceed 10-1/2 hours.

Is a tea break compulsory?

However, nothing prohibits an employer and employee to enter into an agreement for tea breaks. The fact that the Act does not deal with it, means that the employer and employee is free to include it at terms agreeable to them both. But it is not obligatory.

How long is a work week in India?


Nation Typical hours worked per week Working week
Republic of India 48 Monday–Saturday
Indonesia 40 Monday–Friday (exception of Aceh) Monday–Thursday and Saturday (Aceh)
Iran 44 Saturday–Thursday
Iraq 40 Sunday–Thursday

Did Ambedkar change working hours?

As the member for labour in the viceroy’s council from 1942 to 1946, Dr Ambedkar was instrumental in bringing about several labour reforms. He changed the working hours from 12 hours to 8 hours in the 7th session of Indian Labour Conference in New Delhi in November 1942.

Which country has 4 days in a week?

Iceland: One of the leaders in the four-day working week The pilot was dubbed a success by researchers and Icelandic trade unions negotiated for a reduction in working hours.

Is Sunday included in salary?

The Factories Act states that each worker shall have one day off (Sunday or any one of the three days immediately before or after Sunday) each week. However, the Act is silent on whether the weekly holiday should be a paid holiday or not.