Do you play bowling or do bowling?

Do you play bowling or do bowling?

Do you play bowling or do bowling?

If it’s a sport with a ball, we generally play it. There are exceptions, like we go bowling. But usually we play ball sports. So we play cricket.

Do or go martial arts?

Collocations: do, play or go with sports and other activities

  • Go is used with activities and sports that end in -ing.
  • Do is used with recreational activities and with individual, non-team sports or sports in which a ball is not used, like martial arts, for example: do a crossword puzzle, do athletics, do karate.

Do you play or do karate?

If the name of the sport is an activity based on a verb and ends in –ing, then use the verb to go: You can go running, swimming, cycling, climbing, and so on. For any other sport, as for the word sport itself, use the verb to do: You can do sport, karate, yoga, athletics, ballet, and so on.

Do you play or do judo?

For all other recreational activities we use do. Aerobics, athletics, gymnastics, judo, karate and yoga are some examples. All young children should be encouraged to do gymnastics.

Do we say play bowling?

“Go bowling” is the much more common phrase. In fact, “play bowling” is not said at all, to my knowledge.

Why do we say go bowling?

And logically it makes sense because it’s just like saying “I’m going (to the pool) to swim” or “I’m going (to the bowling alley) to bowl” or “I’m going (to the lake) to fish”. This is exactly why I believe we use “to go”.

Do you ski or play ski?

We do not “play” skiing (note we don’t call the sport “ski” as they do in some languages, ski is a verb and we use the gerund skiing as the noun). It more in the category of pursuits such as running, swimming, etc., rather than games like tennis.

Do you play football or football?

We use either the verb to play, to do or to go to refer to sports. E.g. He plays football. She does gymnastics. We go snowboarding every winter.

Do VS play?

You play to win. Do is used for recreational activities and a non team sport. You don’t use a ball. Peter does karate every day.

Do you swim or play swimming?

Swimming and athletics are definitely “sports”, but we do not “play” them. But it is not just team games which we “play”, we also “play” tennis, golf, etc. We do not “play” boxing, wrestling etc. We do “play” chess or cards.

Do or practice sports?

I usually practise sport every evening. This should be: I usually do sport every evening. However, in American English you can use the verb practise or practice (as it is spelt there) to mean “to train”: The team is practicing for tomorrow’s competition.