Do pdb files affect performance?

Do pdb files affect performance?

Do pdb files affect performance?

The executive summary answer: no, generating PDB files will have no impact on performance whatsoever.

Are pdb files safe?

PDBs do not contain source code; they only contain a link to the file that was used at compile time. That way, people could figure out the local file structure of the build server, which might be considered as a security risk. IMHO, it’s acceptable. Personally I would not worry too much about giving away public PDBs.

Is PDB file important?

A PDB file contains information used by the debugger. It is not required to run your application and it does not need to be included in your released version. You can disable pdb files from being created in Visual Studio.

Should pdb files be deployed?

PDBs are required for debugging and store debugging information and they are created when you compile the application. Unless you plan to debug in production there is no need and you should aim to deploy in release mode.

Does PDB slow down?

The compiler can generate identical IL whether or not a PDB is generated and JIT optimizer also doesn’t care whether PDB is there or not to enable its optimizations. As a consequence, when the generated machine code is identical, there’s no reason that existence of a PDB would reduce performance.

How do I prevent pdb files?

If you really want to turn them off, that’s always an option. In your project’s Properties window, set the “Debug Info” option to “none” for any configuration you want to change. Do note, however, that the “Debug” and “Release” configurations do by default use different settings for emitting debug information.

What is the purpose of .PDB file?

pdb file holds debugging and project state information that allows incremental linking of a Debug configuration of your app. The Visual Studio debugger uses . pdb files to determine two key pieces of information while debugging: The source file name and line number to display in the Visual Studio IDE.

What is PDB file in C#?

A PDB file is created when you compile a C/C++ program with /ZI or /Zi or a Visual Basic, Visual C#, or JScript program with the /debug option. Object files contain references into the . pdb file for debugging information. For more information on pdb files, see PDB Files.