Do fraternities have paddles?

Do fraternities have paddles?

Do fraternities have paddles?

Pledges often purchase a blank wooden paddle to decorate commemorating their membership into the Greek Organization or to give as a gift to their “big brother” or “big sister” within the fraternity or sorority. To most sorority alumnae today, paddles represent sisterhood, pride, and tradition.

How big should a fraternity paddle be?

Greek paddles can range in size from small key chains to 2 1/2 feet tall. In general, your paddle should be four times as long as it is wide. If your design is 4 inches wide, the paddle should be 16 inches long. The length includes the handle.

What do you put in a fraternity paddle?

Decorating ideas Fraternity paddles are traditionally very plain. Whereas sororities will use bright colors, pictures and glitter to decorate theirs, fraternities only use the most basic supplies on their paddles. It is important to have the fraternity’s Greek letters, your name and the recipient’s name.

Why do frats make paddles?

The Paddle’s Place in the Greek Community To show their appreciation, little brothers and sisters present their mentor with a paddle as a sign of gratitude, loyalty and respect. Also, many fraternities give paddles to newly pledged members as a welcoming sign of inclusion into the chapter.

What do paddles in fraternities mean?

The fraternity and sorority paddle is most commonly used today as a decorative keepsake representing brotherhood or sisterhood and is given as a gift according to a local chapter’s traditions. The history of the paddle, however, is rooted in violence and remains both a tool and symbol of hazing in Greek organizations.

What do frats do with paddles?

Why do frats use paddles?

How painful is the paddle?

It hurt for about two hours, it felt like fire under my butt.” Some students are paddled in even more submissive positions. One sixth-grade student who was paddled in gym class was forced to line up with other students and bend over with her hands on her knees.