Did Shirley Bassey sing get the party started?

Did Shirley Bassey sing get the party started?

Did Shirley Bassey sing get the party started?

“Get the Party Started” is a song by American singer Pink, released on October 16, 2001, as the lead single from her second album, Missundaztood (2001)….Shirley Bassey version.

“Get the Party Started”
Single by Shirley Bassey
Genre Pop, vocal
Length 4:02
Label Lock Stock and Barrel

Who sang lets get the party started?

PinkLet’s Get The Party Started / ArtistAlecia Beth Moore, known professionally as Pink, is an American singer and songwriter. She was originally a member of the girl group Choice. In 1995, LaFace Records saw potential in Pink and offered her a solo recording contract. Wikipedia

What songs did Shirley Bassey sing at Glastonbury?


  • Get the Party Started. (P! nk cover)
  • Light My Fire. (The Doors cover)
  • Goldfinger / Moonraker / Diamonds Are Forever.
  • Big Spender. (Cy Coleman cover)
  • Big Spender. (Cy Coleman cover) (reprise)
  • The Living Tree.
  • The Lady Is a Tramp. (Rodgers & Hart cover)
  • Maybe This Time / Never, Never, Never / As I Love You.

Who did Shirley Bassey sing with?

Bassey’s collaboration with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra, the album Let’s Face the Music (1962), reached No. 12 in the UK album chart; and the single, “What Now My Love” made it to No. 5 in 1962.

When did Shirley Bassey Release get this party started?

2007Get the Party Started / Released

Who wrote the song I can’t get started with you?

Warne Marsh
Lee Konitz
I can´t get started/Artists

Did Shirley Bassey headline Glastonbury?

2007 – Dame Shirley Bassey.

How many James Bond themes did Shirley Bassey sing?

Welsh singer Shirley Bassey is the only singer to perform more than one Bond theme – she recorded the themes to Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker.

When did Shirley Bassey release get the party started?

Fresh from her appearance at the Glastonbury festival in the summer of 2007, Shirley Bassey released her album, Get the Party Started.

Who are the producers of get the party started?

Get The Party Started was produced by Catherine Feeney, Nikki Lamborn (Never The Bride), Bob Kraushaar and Chuck Norman (NorthxNWest) with backing vocals by Rietta Austin, Margo Buchanan, Nikki Lamborn and Catherine Feeney. The music video was produced by Hera King and directed by Harvey and Carolyn (Crossroads Films).

Is pink’s’get the party started’a Bond theme song?

“Get the Party Started,” originally by Pink is given the Bassey diva treatment and begins to sound like a Bond theme itself; one almost forgets that it started as a straightforward party song by a 21st century pop-punk star. The one new track was “The Living Tree” which was released as the first single.