Did Samuel L Jackson audition for The Matrix?

Did Samuel L Jackson audition for The Matrix?

Did Samuel L Jackson audition for The Matrix?

Jackson was considered as Morpheus at one point, as well as British actor Gary Oldman. Will Smith later said he was offered the part of Neo but turned it down to appear in Wild, Wild West.

Who played in the first Matrix?

The Matrix
Produced by Joel Silver
Starring Keanu Reeves Laurence Fishburne Carrie-Anne Moss Hugo Weaving Joe Pantoliano
Cinematography Bill Pope
Edited by Zach Staenberg

Is Matrix 4 Cancelled?

The Matrix 4 was first scheduled for release on May 21, 2021 in the UK and US, before it was pushed back as a result of filming delays to April 1, 2022. It was pushed to a late December date before moving again. The firm and final release date is December 22, 2021.

Who turned down the role for Morpheus?

We already knew about the “original casting choices” that apparently had been floated around Hollywood for the The Matrix, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. Neo was to be played by Will Smith (who chose Wild Wild West instead), and Morpheus was to be played by Sean Connery (who chose Entrapment instead).

How old is Neo in The Matrix?

Neo is 57 years old in the Matrix program, but 60 years have passed in the real world, making Neo 97 years old. Neo lives under his real name as Thomas Anderson and although he looks not that old, others see him as a man with an eyepatch and gray hair.

Why was The Matrix filmed in Australia?

In order to save money they decided to film in Sydney. ‘The Matrix’ was eventually filmed on a $60 million budget. It’s been reported that Warner Brothers executives said it would have cost $95 million to film in America at the time.

Was Madonna really offered a role in The Matrix?

Revealing that she was offered a role in Keanu Reeves starrer ‘The Matrix’, Madonna expressed that she really regretted not being a part of the film. “Can you believe that? That’s like one of the best movies ever made. A teeny-tiny part of me regrets just that one moment in my life,” she told Jimmy Kimmel.