Did 96.5 The Buzz change?

Did 96.5 The Buzz change?

Did 96.5 The Buzz change?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This week marks the end of an era for Kansas City radio. Radio station 96.5 the Buzz was officially rebranded by owner Entercom to Alt 96.5. As part of the rebranding effort, local morning show host Jordin Silver has been replaced by KROQ’s “Stryker and Klein” from California.

What happened to Klein and ally?

Audacy has pulled back on the regionalization of shows at two of its Alternative stations. The Klein/Ally Show based at 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles will only be heard in its home market going forward as it has been dropped at “Alt 96.5” KRBZ Kansas City and “Alt 103.7” KVIL Dallas.

What radio station is Afentra on?

1 Kansas City After Less Than Eight Months. After joining Cumulus Media in February to host afternoons at Alternative “X105.

Are Lazlo and Afentra divorce?

Lazlo and Afentra, who both worked for Kansas City radio station KRBZ, better known as The Buzz, were married, but finalized a divorce just after she left the station. Johnny Dare works for another Entercom station KQRC, which is is better known as 98.9 The Rock.

What is Lazlo’s real name?

Scott Geiger
Scott Geiger, known on the radio as Lazlo, was also hired in September 2002 to work nights.

Why did Stryker leave KROQ?

Ted Stryker announced through his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts on Wednesday morning that after 22 years at KROQ 106.7/FM, he’d be leaving the “Stryker & Klein Morning Show.” He later went on-air to discuss his post, adding that “I’m going to be concentrating on some other projects that are on the horizon.”

What happened to striker on K Rock?

Ted Stryker, 50, announced his departure from the Stryker & Klein morning show. He took to Twitter to discuss his leaving, writing: “After more than 22 years at KROQ, I can proudly say with infinite gratitude that I will be leaving my full time position and stepping away from Stryker and Klein.

Why was Afentra fired?

Afentra Bandokoudis, the former co-host of “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” on 96.5 The Buzz, alleges that she was fired in 2018 because of her sex and in retaliation for making complaints to the company.

How old is Colin Robinson?

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Why was Kevin fired from KROQ?

Last month, Kevin Weatherly, the station’s longtime programmer and senior vice president for parent company Entercom, left his position for a job with music streaming service Spotify. Weatherly’s departure followed the 2019 retirement of Ryder’s longtime on-air partner, Gene “Bean” Baxter.

How old is Ted Stryker?

51 years (June 4, 1971)Stryker / Age

How old is Laszlo?

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