Can you use product photos on eBay?

Can you use product photos on eBay?

Can you use product photos on eBay?

Tiny or pixelated images do nothing to sell your products. Make sure you meet the resolution requirements—eBay requires photos to have at least 500 pixels on the longest side and can display images up to 1600 pixels long.

What is the eBay product Catalog?

Our catalog is an online library of details and images for products across a wide range of categories. When you list using our catalog, product information like brand, model number, dimensions, color, capacity, compatibilities, and professional photos can be automatically included in your listing.

How many photos are allowed on eBay listing?

12 pictures
You can add up to 12 pictures. We store copies of your photos on eBay and they’ll stay in your completed listings for up to 90 days. You can re-use them if you relist the item or create a new listing for something similar.

How do you put pictures on eBay listings?

10 Top Tips for Taking Fantastic Photos for eBay

  1. Clean your items!
  2. Get the lighting right.
  3. Use a solid background.
  4. Photograph from multiple angles, and include multiple photos on your listing.
  5. Use your best photo as your main photo which will show up in search results.
  6. If you have a shaky hand, use a tripod.

Can you use stock photos to sell on eBay?

Ebay prohibits using images for which you don’t have permission, though the site does provide a database of stock images and text for items in new condition. If your small business sells a product from a vendor who provides stock photos to sellers, eBay permits you to use these images with the vendor’s consent.

How do I list a product on ebay?

  1. Click “Sell” at the top of any eBay page from your desktop device. If you’re using our mobile app, click the “Selling” tab and then click “List an item.”
  2. Let us know what you want to sell. For some items, after you enter the initial item description, you’ll see listing templates for similar items.

Can you use other sellers photos on eBay?

If you upload text, video or photos created by someone else to eBay, you must have explicit written permission to use them on eBay from anyone that has any rights to that content. If you don’t, your item may be removed by the owner of the content through the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program.

What is the best size for eBay photos?

800-1600 pixels
The best size for eBay product photos is 800-1600 pixels on one side. This allows users to use the zoom in function to see product details.

Can I use Amazon photos on eBay?

As long as the photos are delivered over a secure https connection, eBay doesn’t care about the source of photos embedded within the description. However, the image host or photo owner may care.