Can you swim at Little Lagoon Denham?

Can you swim at Little Lagoon Denham?

Can you swim at Little Lagoon Denham?

Little Lagoon is a magnificent stretch of calm water ideal for swimming, fishing and frolicking in the clear shallow pools. From above, this natural pool is an incredible site, but what’s more amazing is that just five kilometres from this stunning location is the town of Denham.

What is Monkey Mia known for?

Best known as the home to the Monkey Mia Dolphins, famous for their almost daily ritual of swimming to shore to interact with humans, and who attract thousands of visitors to Australia’s Shark Bay region each year, Monkey Mia is also the perfect place to unwind and to discover the wonders of the surrounding area.

How many days do you need in Denham?

Spending five days to a week will give you enough time to tick everything off. Consider splitting your stay between Denham and Monkey Mia; Denham for day trips and adventure, Monkey Mia for staying-put, relaxation and play.

Is there fish in Little Lagoon Denham?

Little Lagoon can be worth trying for yellowfin whiting, flathead and yellowfin bream. Boaters have the option to explore the wider reaches of Shark Bay and will find a vast range of fishing that offers plenty of diversity.

Where can I find whiting in Denham?

A few minutes north of Denham is Little Lagoon. The lagoon is home to a huge population of Yellowfin Whiting. Flathead and Bream are also regular catches in the channel that connects to the lagoon and bay.

Do you have to pay to see dolphins at Monkey Mia?

A designated interaction area was created to help protect the dolphins while allowing selected visitors to feed them during designated feeding times. An entry fee must be paid to enter the reserve, but the dolphin interaction is free. There are usually three rangers on duty at any one time.

Can you see sharks at Shark Bay?

At least 28 shark species live in Shark Bay and some can be spotted from lookouts at Eagle Bluff and Skipjack Point, especially during summer.