Can you still quest bug Andariel?

Can you still quest bug Andariel?

Can you still quest bug Andariel?

Andariel is the boss you will encounter in the first act of Diablo 2 Resurrected. If you have played the original game, you may recall the Andariel Quest Bug and thankfully, you can use it in D2R. New players who are trying out the remastered version – trigger this bug if you’d like!

How do you quest the bug Andariel in Diablo 2 resurrected?

How To Quest Bug Andariel In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  1. Kill Andariel in Act 1 – Catacombs 4.
  2. After looting, go back to town and talk to Warriv immediately!
  3. Select the chat option to “Go East” when talking to Warriv.
  4. Once you load into Act 2, hit Escape and then choose the “Save And Exit” option to save & quit the game.

Is Andariel bug fixed?

TLDR: Andy still drops good loot. The Andariel bug has been fixed (I’ve only been able to test this in SP). HOWEVER, what this actually means is your loot from Andy will ALWAYS be decent.

Does Andy bug still work D2r?

D2r Andy bug is permanent. No need to “do it”.

What can NM Andy drop?

Norm Andy doesn’t have SoJ on her drop table. Only bosses in normal that can drop it are Baal, Diablo, and Nihlathak. You only need to start to worry when you killed her like 7-14k and not getting the ring. That’s when you feel unlucky.

Where do I find andariel?

Andariel can be found on the final floor of the Catacombs. The entrance to the Catacombs is located inside the Cathedral, which is accessible from the Inner Cloister. Andariel is nearly always surrounded by groups of various monsters, so it is recommended that you dispatch them before doing battle with her.

What can Nightmare Andariel drop?

Nightmare Andariel Best Drops

  • Nagelring.
  • Frostburn.
  • Spectral Shard.
  • Magefist.
  • The Eye of Etlich.
  • Hotspur.
  • The Stone of Jordan.
  • Tal Rasha’s Adjudication.

Is it worth to farm nightmare Andariel?

In What Difficulty Should I Farm Andariel? If you are playing Solo Self-Found through the game, this is one of the best bosses to farm in both Nightmare and Hell difficulties. If you are having trouble in Hell difficulty, doing Nightmare Andariel is just fine!