Can you put planters on wood deck?

Can you put planters on wood deck?

Can you put planters on wood deck?

Hang Planters. The best-case scenario for planters on a wood deck is for them not to come into contact with your deck. That is the beauty of hanging planters and deck railing plant boxes. They still bring life and color to your deck, while avoiding the mess and work of moving around planters every week.

Is decking good for planters?

Planter boxes are a great way to add some style and flair to your garden. They can also be used as raised beds for growing vegetables and flowers. Composite decking is an excellent material for building planters, because it is weather resistant and looks good in any setting.

What kind of wood should I use for outdoor planters?

Cedar and Redwood are two of the most wood types available and you can’t go wrong with either one. Cedar is particularly favoured due to its durable, lightweight and crack resistant qualities. Redwood, on the other hand, is naturally rot resistant and has increased longevity but can be a more expensive alternative.

What do I put under my decking planter?

For those not looking to completely alter their container garden’s aesthetic, adding pot feet or planter risers beneath your potted plants is an easy, inexpensive, and low-profile option. Pot feet and risers work much like the legs of a chair, raising the pot off of the ground.

Can you put a raised garden bed on a deck?

Keep in mind that installing a raised garden bed on top of a deck may cause staining or water damage, unless drainage is controlled. Discoloration on concrete should be easy to remove with a pressure washer if needed. Provide adequate drainage, bed depth, and high-quality soil for the plants to grow best.

Will planters rot your deck?

While potted plants are a great way to spruce up your outdoor deck décor, planters can wreak havoc on your wooden deck over time by leaving stains or causing wood rot.

Will plant pots rot decking?

Plant pots that are placed directly onto the deck surface will trap moisture underneath, increasing the exposure risk and creating potential problems. That is unless your deck boards are made from Use Class 4 pressure treated softwood timber or a durable hardwood.

Can I use old deck boards for raised beds?

DIY: How to Build A Raised Garden Bed Using Old Decking. Planning on taking an old deck apart? Don’t let that lumber go to waste – repurpose it in to a beautiful, functional raised bed! Grab a friend, partner, or a four-legged companion (like our Great Dane buddies) and get to work!