Can you marry companions in prophesy of Pendor?

Can you marry companions in prophesy of Pendor?

Can you marry companions in prophesy of Pendor?

Ask the companion if he wants to marry, if your renown and relations with him are high enough, he will accept. As you have no family in Pendor, he will organize the wedding, and in 1 month, marry.

How do you become king Pendor?

The player may also compete for the title of King of Pendor, but if they do so, he will have to defeat all 5 kingdoms, instead of 4 with the help of the fifth (the one they joined). Upon capturing your first fief as a freelancer, you will take it for yourself, starting your own kingdom.

What is prophesy of Pendor?

Prophesy of Pendor is a mod for both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade: Warband. There are five main factions: The Empire, D’Shar Principalities, Sarleon, Fierdsvain, Ravenstern or your own. There are also minor factions and knighthood orders.

How do you beat Pendor?

To fully beat Prophesy of Pendor, the player has to fulfill the Prophesy of Madigan and clean Pendor. Note: – As of 3.9. 4, unique spawns that are hired by Monarchs must be defeated, regardless of faction affiliation.

Can you marry Arwa?

It is possible to marry female claimants (either Lady Isolla of Suno or Arwa the Pearled One).

Can I marry Ymira?

You can only marry her if you are a woman, in Native, and it is a bug. There are plenty of mods where you can do it as a man, but they are not save compatible. You can use the save editor to flip your gender, and marry her, and flip your gender again.

Can you have multiple wives in Warband?

Unfortunately having several wives or concubines is not available as a feature.

Can you marry a claimant in Mount and Blade?

Can I marry a female claimant like Lady Isolla of Suno in vanilla(warband) In Native it isn’t possible. It’s technically possible in Diplomacy and Diplomacy-dependent mods (e.g. Floris) to marry a female claimant–and only a female claimant–but it’s devilishly difficult.

Who does Matheld like?

Nizar – Matheld likes Nizar for his talent in composing poetry, notably insulting one of his opponents in battle in the form of an Old Calradic Quatrain, as the Nords appreciate good poetic craftwork. Nizar likes Matheld for her singing in battle and he believes that she has hidden femininity that he can coax out.