Can you get to the big tree Witcher 3?

Can you get to the big tree Witcher 3?

Can you get to the big tree Witcher 3?

This is a location you can only visit during the main quest. It’s a pretty late quest, closer to the end of the game. As far as I know you can’t get there before the quest.

How do you get to the tree on Bald Mountain?

Bald Mountain

  1. Find a way to the mountain’s summit.
  2. Talk to Thecla and get permission to climb the mountain.
  3. Retrieve the coin Thecla threw in the water by using your Witcher Senses.
  4. Give the coin to Thecla.
  5. Travel the path to the peak of Bald Mountain.

What happens if you help the tree in Witcher 3?

If you do this BEFORE starting “Ladies of the Wood”, the tree will not have made the promise of saving the children. But the tree spirit will be freed and Gran WON’T be in danger. Regardless, the tree will exact revenge on the village of Downwarren.

How do you get to the tree in Witcher 3?

Follow the ledge and climb into the cave beneath the hill. Follow the cave, and swim under the water. When you surface, you’ll meet the Ghost in the Tree. During your conversation, you’ll get the choice to either free (“I’ll help you”) or kill (“I don’t believe you”) the spirit.

How do I beat the Cyclops Witcher 3?

How to Fight. The best and easiest way to deal with a Cyclops is to freeze them using the Northern Wind Bomb and attack them with a fully charged Rend from behind. It is possible to instant-kill a cyclops provided that you dealt enough damage with your Rend.

Where is the whispering hillock Witcher 3?

The Whispering Hillock is a main story quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The hillock for which the quest is named stands just outside the village of Downwarren and is dominated by a large tree.

What is the Bald Mountain key for?

Because you have the key, you can now open the gate back into the area where Fugas was first encountered. Once back inside the cave, Geralt can then jump back up onto the wooden barricade and head back up the cave system towards the top of the mountain.

Should I free whispering hillock?

The Whispering Hillock is pretty much our last required stop for this visit to Velen; it will wrap up Family Matters as well as the entire Velen sequence of the In Ciri’s Footsteps quest. Don’t worry though, finishing it won’t close any leads or activities.

Should I keep the magic acorn?

You can choose to not eat it, and to instead give the Magic Acorn to the villagers living below the peak of the mountain, but it will not have any impact on the story. As such, you can feel free to use it for its effects without any fear of affecting the story.