Can you fish on Hinchinbrook Island?

Can you fish on Hinchinbrook Island?

Can you fish on Hinchinbrook Island?

Fishing with the majestic backdrop of Hinchinbrook Island is spectacular enough, but to be able to target good quality sportfish including barramundi, mangrove jacks, trevally, queenfish, salmon, fingermark, grunter and cod, makes this a fishing experience you’ll never forget.

What is Hinchinbrook Island known for?

Hinchinbrook is renowned for its cloud-cloaked mountains, mysterious wetlands and pristine beaches as one of Australia’s largest National Park islands. Hinchinbrook Island is just a boat ride away from Cardwell, with Hinchinbrook Cruises offering daily tours and transfers for hikers.

Who owns Hinchinbrook Island?

Chuanyou Zhou, chairman of CCIG, which owns Daydream, bought the Whitsundays island with vacant possession last month, from former vitamin entrepreneur Vaughan Bullivant for about $30 million. It represents the group’s first investment in Australia.

Can you stay on Hinchinbrook?

Although the biggest island on the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island is completely uninhabited. To protect the Island’s biodiversity and prevent damage to the environment just 40 people are permitted to stay at any one time.

Where can I fish in Hinchinbrook Channel?

If it’s a vicious south-easter you can most times be able to run from fishers creek which is a sheltered part of the channel and it’s the gateway to the expansive Benjamin Flats and the small boat passage, which all provide good sheltered fishing spots.

Are dogs allowed on Hinchinbrook?

Domestic animals are not permitted on Hinchinbrook Island National Park or on tidal lands, including beaches, rocks, mangrove areas and dunes, within the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park.

Are there snakes on Hinchinbrook Island?

There are snakes and eagles, as well as brilliantly bright Monarch butterflies. Some of my fellow hikers discovered the remains of fishing traps and shellfish fossils belonging to the area’s first people, the Bandjin, just off the track.

Can you fish off the Lucinda Jetty?

Lucinda Jetty is the longest service pier in the southern hemisphere – stretching 5.5km out to sea. It’s also an anglers’ paradise – flanked by waters brimming with fish. Golden Trevally and Tuna are two species you might be lucky to snag.

Can you kayak to Hinchinbrook Island?

From here – Hinchinbrook’s end – there are two kayaking options. We can slingshot around the tip of the island and back into the mainland at Cardwell or island-hop north to Dunk Island and Mission Beach. We have chosen the latter course, leaving Hinchinbrook to cross three kilometres of open sea to Goold Island.

Is Hinchinbrook a good fishing holiday destination?

If you are looking for a fishing holiday destination, Hinchinbrook ticks all the boxes. No matter what the weather does, there is always a place to go and catch fish. We have such a diverse fishery and you really can mix your fishing up. Until next month, come and check out the Hinchinbrook way!

Where is Hinchinbrook Island?

Located off the north coast of Queensland, Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest island national park and is part of both the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage areas. The surrounding estuaries and creeks have been protected from commercial net fishing since 1998.

What are the best months for Popper fishing in Hinchinbrook?

July, August and September have traditionally been amazing months for popper fishing in Hinchinbrook, and we have been working really hard and getting very consistent results in hooking cracker GTs. If you are looking for a fishing holiday destination, Hinchinbrook ticks all the boxes.

What fish can you catch in Hinchinbrook?

Luckily, Hinchinbrook offers the angler something at any time of the year. From hitting the reef areas for mackerel, tuna, marlin and GT in the warmer months, through to chasing tasty bottom fish such as red emperor, coral trout and nannygai in the cooler months, the offshore scene at Hinchinbrook is alive with options.