Can you defeat Malistaire in wizard101?

Can you defeat Malistaire in wizard101?

Can you defeat Malistaire in wizard101?

When you fight Malistaire you must defeat the minions first then go for him and make sure you use strong attacks and dont use death. Re: Defeating Malistaire? You can use death as long as you use a trap on all of them and use something like a scarecrow.

Where can I fight Malistaire?

Malistaire is at the heart of Dragonspyre inside the Crown of Fire. It is an instance, so you can only bring 3 friends with you to battle him.

How much HP does Malistaire have?

Not only are they not discussing Malistaire the Undying in this topic (they’re talking about an older version of the Malistaire battle in Dragonspyre), Malistaire the Undying only has an upwards of 72,000 health: 24k at the start, 48k in his second phase, usually mitigated with a Doom And Gloom.

What level should I be Malistaire?

There’s no actual minimum level you have to be to fight Malistaire. You can access the final dungeon when you complete all the storyline quests and receive the quest “Final Countdown.”

Can you faint Malistaire?

Update: Kane confirmed that Malistaire undying can be taken down with traps except feint. Malistaire mainly uses shadow spells and there really no way to defend against them and they hit hard.

What level should I be to fight Malistaire?

Re: Fighting Malistaire You should be about 48-50 if you did all Main and *most* Side quests (excluding Grizzleheim).

How long is Malistaire dungeon?

The final objective is the defeat of Malistaire, but there are several significant fights on the way. The official game text suggests the instance can take up to three hours to complete.

How do you get to Malistaire in wizard101?

When 3 of your friends are at their posts, ( I like to call them posts) you have to go at the front of the Crown of Fire and tell all your friends to turn on the crystals. Now the grand door of the Crown of Fire opens. You will enter Malistaire’s Lair.

How do I beat malistaire?

Malistaire is 10,000 health he can break the spiral and all of it and you probably need some help. Use blades and traps. This means use treasure cards that give you a blade, such as: 1. Feint. 2. Elemental Blade. 3. Dark Pact, etc. Whatever is a blade and/or trap, goes with the battle being more shorter. Heal yourself when you get damaged a lot.

What is the rank of malistaire Drake in Minecraft?

Creature:Malistaire Drake View Drops ⧨ Rank 10 Boss Health 8,000 Classification Wizard School

How does malistaire summon the dragon Titan?

He aims to summon the Dragon Titan to resurrect his fallen wife, Sylvia Drake, by stealing the Krokonomicon from the Royal Museum without realizing that the Dragon Titan could destroy the Spiral. The Second Chance Chest, Malistaire’s Chest, will appear after the duel.

What to do if malistaire is still alive?

If Malistaire is still alive, repeat step 2, 3, and 5. If you’re a Death student, Malistaire’s still alive, and the death prism is already broken, use it again. This will change Malistaire’s resist (death resist) into boost (life boost). If you want to, listen to all what Malistaire, Sylvia Drake, and Cyrus Drake say.