Can you buy DuoDERM over the counter?

Can you buy DuoDERM over the counter?

Can you buy DuoDERM over the counter?

DuoDERM Signal® is a tapered-edge translucent wound dressing that signals when it is time for a dressing change. For over-the-counter use, DuoDERM Signal® Dressing may be used for minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts and minor scalds and burns.

Is DuoDERM the same as hydrocolloid?

DuoDerm is the brand name for a commonly used hydrocolloid dressing manufactured by ConvaTec that is used to treat bed sores (or similarly referred to as: pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers).

How long should DuoDERM stay on a wound?

The dressings keep nerve endings moist, which helps to provide relief from discomfort. DuoDERM® Dressings can be worn continuously for up to seven days unless they are uncomfortable, there is leakage or there are clinical signs of infection.

How often do you change DuoDERM dressing?

* The dressing should be changed when: clinically induced when strike through occurs, or up to a maximum of 7 days. The wound should be cleansed at appropriate intervals. † The bubble may not be visible with minimal exudate. If this occurs, the recommended maximum wear time is up to 7 days.

When should you not use hydrocolloid dressing?

Hydrocolloid dressings are not suitable for all types of wounds. In particular, these dressings should not be used on wounds that are infected or require drainage. Hydrocolloid dressings are not ideal for wounds that require regular assessing as it can be difficult to see the wound without removing the dressing.

Which dressing is most appropriate for a deep moist wound with no suspected infection?

Alginates covered with either a semipermeable film dressing or a hydrocolloid dressing will maintain a moist healing environment and draw away excess exudates.

Does DuoDERM draw infection?

This is a flexible waterproof dressing used to cover your burn/scald and reduce infection. When in contact with the wound, Duoderm forms a gel-like covering which can remain untouched for several days, but will need changing if leakage occurs.