Can students use the RSF?

Can students use the RSF?

Can students use the RSF?

Eligibility. Only eligible RSF users (Rec Sports members, UCB students, Day Pass & Guest Pass users) are able to use the Rec Locker Room and GSC services.

Can UC Berkeley students use RSF?

UC Berkeley enrolled in Summer Sessions or continuing (enrolled in the Spring and Fall 2019 semesters) will continue to have Rec Sports membership – including access to the RSF – for the summer months.

Is RSF Berkeley Free?

Effective April 1, 2020: Faculty and Staff members will increase to: Annual Membership: $605. Semester Membership: $305.

Can UC Berkeley students use the gym?

And remember, your membership costs go directly back to support UC Berkeley students and staff….with the Convenience of Payroll Deduction.

Membership Types Annual $50+ in savings Plus 5 Annual Guest Passes*! Monthly (4-month minimum)
UC Berkeley Faculty $670 $60

Is RSF open during the summer?

Summer 2022 hours: Monday – Friday 7:00a – 10:00p; Saturday 8:00a – 6:00p; Sunday 8:00a – 10:00p.

Is RSF open during winter break?

The Recreational Sports Facility will have modified hours In observance of Winter Break from December 19th 2021, to January 22nd, 2022. Rec Sports Online is our virtual recreation hub designed to help you stay active and healthy, wherever your location.

Is the RSF open in the summer?

Does UC Berkeley have showers?

The locker room, the first of its kind in the UC system, has completely private rooms for changing and showering, including disabled rooms/showers and an adult changing table.

Does Berkeley have a pool?

Whether you’re looking for a place to swim laps, take a class, or just swim for fun, we have a pool for that. Rec Sports has four pools around campus for instructional swim classes, group exercise classes, and open recreational swim.

Can I go to any UC gym?

Did you know? ARC Members may use recreational sports facilities on any UC campus with a free reciprocity pass. During the academic year, ARC members may obtain a reciprocal pass from Campus Recreation Services prior to traveling. Certain restrictions may apply at some campuses.

Are Berkeley bathrooms coed?

“Why does Berkeley have all gender bathrooms?” There are a wide variety of residence halls, and we have both gender specific and all gender bathrooms. Students are able to provide their preferences about the type of living environment they would like- single gender or all gender- on their housing application.

Does RSF have showers Berkeley?

This facility will contain 406 lockers (both day-use and long-term), 16 individual changing rooms, seven private showers, five private toilets and four shared sinks.