Can I use winter tires in Nigeria?

Can I use winter tires in Nigeria?

Can I use winter tires in Nigeria?

Winter Tires Snow tires are generally not used in Nigeria, of course.

How much does winter TYRE cost?

Winter tires cost $80 to $200 per tire or $360 to $800 for a set of 4.

Level Price range
Low-end < $100
Mid-range $100 to $200
High-end > $200

Are winter tyres good for Africa?

As its name suggest winter tyres are meant for winter conditions (snow). They are known as category ā€œCā€ tyres and not allowed to be used in Ghana or hot temperature areas.

Which tire is best in Nigeria?

Top 5 best tire brands in Nigeria

  • BFGoodrich. Street tires of BFGoodrich showcase superb performance.
  • Goodyear. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company have always taken care to ensure the best quality of their tires.
  • Dunlop.
  • Continental.
  • Bridgestone.

Where does a vulcanizer work?

In Nigeria, ‘vulcanizers’ do general maintenance work on vehicle tyres. They patch up punctured tyres, maintain pressure, attach tyres to wheels, etc.

Are winter tyres the same as snow tyres?

What are winter tyres? The most important thing to understand about winter tyres is that they are not ice tyres, or even snow tyres. They do not have metal studs of any sort poking out of the tread. Instead, winter tyres are simply designed to be used when temperatures are low and the roads are slippery.

Can winter tyres be used in the tropics?

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has said the new Automotive Policy which will be passed soon will enforce the ban on Grade ‘C’ tyres meant for the winter weather but are imported into tropical countries such as Ghana.

Can I use winter tyres all year round?

Cons. Winter tyres cannot be used all year round ā€“ they under perform in temperatures over +7 degrees C and the wear rates could increase if used in warmer temperatures, due to a special compound mix. Committing to separate sets of summer and winter tyres (including spares) can be expensive.