Can I bring my unmarried partner to the US?

Can I bring my unmarried partner to the US?

Can I bring my unmarried partner to the US?

The B-2 visitor visa is a nonimmigrant visa for persons traveling to the United States temporarily for the purpose of tourism, pleasure or visiting. This includes the common-law spouse or unmarried partner of a principal visa holder.

Does Uscis recognize online marriage?

Legality of Virtual Weddings for Immigration. Generally, U.S. immigration law will recognize proxy marriages. However, it’s important to understand the specific requirements. The marriage must be legally valid in the jurisdiction where it occurred and the couple must consummate the union after the marriage.

Can you get green card through domestic partnership?

Domestic partnerships and civil unions aren’t recognized as marriage under federal law, so you won’t qualify for a marriage green card unless you’re officially married. It’s also important to understand that polygamy, or marriage to more than one person, isn’t recognized under federal law.

Who qualifies for an EB 1C?

EMPLOYEE REQUIREMENTS: EB-1C MULTINATIONAL EXECUTIVES/MANAGERS. The manager or executive must have been employed outside the United States with the related foreign company for 1 year in the preceding 3 years. The employment must have been in a managerial or executive capacity.

How long do you have to wait to get a divorce after you get a green card?

Naturalization and Divorce However, if you’re married to a U.S. citizen, then you only have to wait three years after becoming a green card holder and then you can apply. If you divorce before you apply, then you have to wait the full five years that a non-marriage green card holder would.

What are EB categories?

The Five Types of Employment-Based Visas: EB Green Cards

  • EB-1 Visa / Green Card: Exceptional Ability.
  • EB-2 Visa / Green Card: Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability.
  • EB-3 Visa / Green Card: Skilled, Professional, or Other Workers.
  • EB-4 Visa / Green Card: Special Immigrants.
  • EB-5 Visa / Green Card: Investors.

What is the easiest visa to get for US?

For many, a “B” visitor visa is the easiest and most appropriate one to get. (See 8 U.S. Code ยง? 1101.) The B visa a nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business (B-1) or for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2).