Can an exponential graph be upside down?

Can an exponential graph be upside down?

Can an exponential graph be upside down?

They may be turned upside-down or shifted around, but they’ll all have roughly this same kind of curve. Any exponential function will also have an asymptote—a value that the function gets really close to, but never quite hits.

What is a negative exponential graph?

Variations on the General Graph. Note that if b is negative, the curve will curve downward as the x values increase. Note that if the exponent is negative, the curve will tend upward in the negative x values. Consider these basic forms for y = −2x and y = 2−x respectively.

Can an exponential graph be concave down?

The graph is decreasing and concave down when a<0 and b>1 and increasing and concave down when a<0 and 0

Can the base of an exponential be negative?

The base of the exponential functions must be positive. Here bx is always positive, which is only possible when base is positive. The values of f(x) are negative or positive as function has limited range.

Is exponential increasing or decreasing?

Here b must be a positive number and cannot be 1. The graphs of exponential functions increase if b > 1 and decrease if 0 < b < 1. Was this answer helpful?

What does decreasing exponentially mean?

A function whose value decreases more quickly than any polynomial is said to be an exponentially decreasing function.

Is the exponential function concave?

3 Since expx>0, expx is an increasing function whose graph is concave up. The graph of the natural exponential function is indicated in figure 9.3.

Are all exponential functions are concave up?

Just as a side note, not all graphs are concave up, even though the exponential graphs we looked at above are. Graphs can turn to the right (clockwise) as you travel along the curve from left to right and we say such graphs are concave down. The graph of is one example.