Are there refugee camps in Thailand?

Are there refugee camps in Thailand?

Are there refugee camps in Thailand?

Since 1984, Thailand has provided refuge to people fleeing violence in Myanmar, and more recently to economic migrants. The population in the Thai refugee camps, located along the Myanmar-Thailand border, is now estimated at 111,000 people. Many were born in the camps and have never set foot outside.

What are the names of the refugee camps in Thailand?

The interviews with urban refugees and migrants in Thailand took place in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Mae Sot, and in the following refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border: Nu Po, Umpiem, Mae La, Mae Ra Ma Luang, Site 2/Ban Mae Surin, and Site 1/Ban Mae Nai Soi.

How many refugee camps are in Thailand?

Thailand hosts 91,401 refugees from Myanmar in the nine temporary shelters run by The Royal Thai Government on the Thai/Myanmar border, approximately 5,000 urban refugees and asylum-seekers from over 40 countries, and some 480,000 stateless persons.

Are there still Hmong refugee camps?

Because of their role in the U.S.-led war in Laos, approximately 90 percent of Hmong refugees have been resettled to the United States. All official refugee camps in Thailand serving the Hmong were closed in the mid-1990s.

Where are refugee camps located in Thailand?

Mae La camp in Tak Province, Thailand, is one of the largest of nine UNHCR camps in Thailand where over 700,000 Refugees, Asylum-seekers, and stateless persons have fled….Mae La refugee camp.

Mae La မဲၢ်လးဒဲကဝီၤ
Country Thailand
Provinces Tak Province
Amphoe Tha Song Yang District

Why are there Burmese refugees in Thailand?

Following national elections in Burma in November 2010, new clashes between armed ethnically affiliated groups and the Burmese army erupted along the Thai-Burma border, leading to the rapid arrival of a further 16,000-18,000 refugees from Burma.

Who are the Burmese refugees?

Burmese refugees were mostly resettled from refugee camps in Thailand in the past, but are now increasingly being resettled from urban settings in Malaysia. Burmese refugees have also been resettled from countries other than Malaysia and Thailand.

Why did Hmong leave Laos?

One hundred and fifty thousand Hmong have fled Laos since their country fell to communist forces in 1975. Displaced from their villages, which were either bombed out or burned by the North Vietnamese and the new Lao communist regime, many Hmong became refugees in their own country.

How many Burmese refugees are there in Thailand?

The couple fled to Thailand to escape conflict between armed ethnic groups and the Myanmar military. They are among some 96,000 Myanmar refugees – most of Karen, Karenni and Burmese ethnicity – now living in nine temporary shelters along the Myanmar border.

Does Thailand accept Afghan refugees?

The countries where Afghans have sought asylum—Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand primarily—have not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention. While refugees can register with UNHCR, they have no legal status.