Are precision sailboats any good?

Are precision sailboats any good?

Are precision sailboats any good?

The Precision 185 was voted Best Value for its combination of good sailing characteristics, substantial construction, and reasonable cost. First and foremost this boat performs well; yet it shouldn’t intimidate even entry-level sailors.

Do they still make precision sailboats?

From 1978 until 2018, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of fiberglass sailboats, but today just produces parts for their existing fleet. The company was founded by brothers Richard and Bill Porter in 1978.

Is Precision Boat Works still in business?

After 40 years Precision Boat Works has discontinued making one of the best trailerable sailboats you could buy. Boat parts are still available however, so check our ‘Boat Parts’ listings above for the parts that you want. We will do our best to quickly get you supplied with quality parts for your boat.

Where are precision sails made?

The sail was made at their loft in Canada. The rep said that many of their larger sails are contracted out to overseas lofts.

What type of fabric are sails made of?

Sailcloth encompasses a wide variety of materials that span those from natural fibers, such as flax, hemp or cotton in various forms of sail canvas, to synthetic fibers, including nylon, polyester, aramids, and carbon fibers in a variety of woven, spun and molded textiles.

What are the sails on a yacht called?

Types of yacht sails Either a jib, a genoa or a spinnaker, there are several sizes of headsails: A working jib is a smaller jib that fills the space between the mast and forestay, used in stronger winds. A genoa jib on the other hand overlaps the mainsail, providing maximum power in light winds.

What is the best sail cloth?

Polyester has for decades been the most commonly used sail fiber because it is strong, durable and relatively inexpensive.

What does red on deck mean in sailing?

Port (direction). The left side of a boat when facing the bow. Signified by Red. The opposite side from Starboard. Trick to remember – ‘After a party, there’s no red port left”.

How much does sail cloth cost?

On average, basic Dacron sail cloth costs about $6-$7 per square foot. This is the price per square foot for the finished sail.