Are massages covered by Alberta Blue Cross?

Are massages covered by Alberta Blue Cross?

Are massages covered by Alberta Blue Cross?

Currently, Alberta Blue Cross administers all massage therapy claims for those plan members with eligible coverage through employer-sponsored health benefit plans. We regularly review provider eligibility criteria to ensure it meets the industry’s standards and to ensure the safety of our plan members.

Do you need a doctor’s note for massage therapy Alberta?

The exemption now enables Albertans to receive massage therapy services if they have received a written prescription from a medical doctor, or a written referral from a regulated health professional.

Is there a waiting period for Alberta Blue Cross?

There is no waiting periods for any of our individual plans if you’re coming off an Alberta Blue Cross® group benefits plan through your employer within 30 to 60 days.

How long is a massage prescription good for?

How long will the massage therapy/acupuncture referral expire? For Blue Cross, the massage therapy/acupuncture referral is effective for 1 years from the date you get the referral. For other insurance company, it is effective for one year from your last treatment.

Is Saxenda covered by Blue Cross?

If weight loss dosing is required, then coverage for Saxenda will follow the respective plan’s coverage for weight loss medications if eligible under the plan. Members who are currently taking Victoza at a dose higher than the maximum approved diabetes dose of 1.8 mg daily will not be impacted.

How much do massage therapists make in Alberta?

Massage therapists

Wages* Low (5th percentile) Average
Starting $15.00 $29.79
Overall $15.00 $33.61
Top $15.00 $38.21

Is massage therapy registered in Alberta?

While it’s standard to use the title of registered massage therapist, Alberta has no such classification for massage therapists. The “registered” title is protected under the province’s Health Professions Act and can only be used by members of a regulated body like the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

What is Alberta Blue Cross Group 66 coverage?

Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors (Group 66) provided to all Alberta senior citizens (65 years of age or older). Drug coverage provided to individuals approved by Alberta Health for Palliative Coverage. (For these individuals the Palliative Coverage Drug Benefit Supplement must also be considered).

How long does Alberta Blue Cross take to process claims?

It will take approximately three to five business days. We do our best to set you up as quickly as possible, but we need to verify your credentials with your college or association. After I register, what steps should I follow?

Can I claim Alberta Blue Cross on my taxes?

If you have a personal health plan or Non-Group (Group 1) plan, you can get a tax receipt for premiums paid. Premiums paid for health and dental benefits may be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes if you meet the overall threshold for medical expenses to be claimed.