Are hunters and collectors still together?

Are hunters and collectors still together?

Are hunters and collectors still together?

Joining in 1988, Barry Palmer, on lead guitar, remained until they disbanded in 1998….

Hunters & Collectors
Years active 1981–1998, 2009, 2013–present
Labels White/Mushroom, Festival, I.R.S., Liberation, Sony, Virgin, A&M, Epic

Why did hunters and collectors break up?

The problem at the time was that “not everybody subscribed to those beliefs”, and in the end it split the band apart.

Are hunters and collectors Australian?

Hunters and Collectors were an eight member Australian rock collective active from 1981 to 1998 with infrequent later reunions. Their style evolved from early art-funk before a bass and drum driven pub rock phase and finally guitar driven pop rock. Hunters and Collectors live and studio albums are available new.

Where are hunters and collectors from?

Melbourne, AustraliaHunters & Collectors / Origin

Are Nick Seymour and Mark Seymour related?

Nicholas More Seymour (born 9 December 1958) is an Australian musician, painter, and record producer. He is the founding bass guitarist and a mainstay of the Australian rock group Crowded House, and is also the younger brother of Mark Seymour, singer-songwriter-guitarist in the rock band Hunters and Collectors.

When did hunters and collectors split?

Hunters & Collectors officially disbanded in 1998.

What nationality is Mark Seymour?

AustralianMark Seymour / Nationality

How old is Mark Seymour from Hunters and Collectors?

65 years (July 26, 1956)Mark Seymour / Age

What band was Mark Seymour in?

Hunters & CollectorsMark Seymour / Music group (1981 – 1998)

Is Mark Seymour married?

Jo VautierMark Seymour / Spouse

Who is Mark Seymour married to?

Where are the hunters and collectors from?

Where does Nick Seymour live now?

Nick Seymour was married to Brenda Bentleigh in 1989 but they separated in 1993. In 1997 or 1998 Seymour moved to Dublin, where he had bought a home. He later established a recording studio, Exchequer Studios, with Brian Crosby of Bell X1 and producer Rob Kirwan. Seymour and his current partner have a daughter, Lola.

What band is Mark Seymour in?