Are Erin Brockovich and Jorge still friends?

Are Erin Brockovich and Jorge still friends?

Are Erin Brockovich and Jorge still friends?

Erin and Jorge did break up, but he did not leave her life. He was hired as a full time live-in nanny for Erin’s children for several years, paid for by the law firm so that she would have more time to devote to her work.

What happened to the Hinkley residents?

A class-action lawsuit about the contamination was settled in 1996 for $333 million. In 2008, PG&E settled the last of the cases involved with the Hinkley claims. Since then, the town’s population has dwindled to the point that in 2016 The New York Times described Hinkley as having slowly become a ghost town.

How much was Erin Brockovich bonus check?

She rallies the townfolk. A lawsuit is filed. Brockovich, who turns 40 in June, went from earning $800 a month as a clerk to receiving a $2 million bonus for her work on the case.

Did Hinkley residents get their money?

Fifteen years after the film showed triumphant residents winning a $333-million settlement with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for contaminating its water — and nearly 20 years after the settlement itself — Hinkley is emptying out, and those who stay still struggle to find resolution.

How much did Tom Girardi make from Erin Brockovich?

His famous case against Pacific Gas & Electric was the inspiration for the movie Erin Brockovich, and awarded $333 million to 650 residents in Hinkley, CA.

Did PG & E pay Hinkley?

Water regulators in San Bernardino County have slapped Pacific Gas & Electric with a $3.6 million dollar settlement in the town whose toxic pollution woes inspired the film “Erin Brockovich.”

How much did the plaintiffs get in the Erin Brockovich case?

In 1996, the case was settled for $333 million — the largest ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit at the time. In 2001, Julia Roberts won an Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of the relentless and determined Brockovich. The film ended with the historic settlement.