Are close contact saddles better?

Are close contact saddles better?

Are close contact saddles better?

That means there is less flocking in the panel between the horse and rider’s seat bones, allowing the rider’s leg to gain more contact. Close contact saddles can also give more stability especially on rounder horses like native ponies, cobs and draft horses.

What is a close contact saddle for?

A close contact saddle is designed with a forward cut flap to help the rider get out of the tack and into jump position. Although flat work is possible in a close contact saddle, they are primarily used for stadium jumping or cross-country.

What’s the difference between close contact saddles and all purpose?

Close contact seats generally have a more shallow seat than a dressage saddle or an all-purpose saddle in order for the rider to easily stand up for the correct half seat position over the fence. One will see these in the jumper ring, hunter/jumper ring and in eventing.

Are Crosby saddles good?

INTRODUCING CROSBY SADDLERY A brand respected around the world, these saddles offer exceptional performance and durability, perfectly balancing the needs of both horse and rider.

Can you do dressage in a close contact saddle?

You simply will not have the necessary support in a dressage saddle to work with the horse over a jump; you simply will not be able to do proper dressage in a close contact jumping saddle which does not allow the rider to sit properly balanced with a shoulder-hip-heel straight line.

Can you jump in an all purpose saddle?

All-purpose saddles are ideal for pleasure riding, schooling, and beginner competitions. Jumping saddles are built for mobility and have a shallow seat. An all-purpose saddle can only take the place of a jumping saddle up to a certain proficiency level beyond which the rider should switch to a jumping saddle.

Is a all purpose saddle good for jumping?

Here in the states, we list it as “all-purpose” because it has a deep secure seat and longer flaps than many jump saddles. This saddle is supportive enough for a rider to do lower level dressage, trail ride, fox hunt or jump with equal success. Many riders are not looking to advance up the levels of any one discipline.

Are Crosby saddles wool flocked?

Crosby PDN Stuffed Panel Close Contact Saddle For the hard to fit horse we now offer the Prix Des Nations with traditional wool flocked panels. With stuffing slots.

Are Crosby dressage saddles good?

The leather of this saddle is beautifully soft and supple, the movable knee blocks allow for optimum comfort and adjustability, and the design is professional. My horse is not easy to fit to, he’s deep and very high withered, with big shoulders and a narrow chest.

Can you do flat work in a close contact saddle?

You can do most of the flatwork in a jumping saddle. It’s all about knowing how to use the tools that you have, and keeping in mind little tricks. This allows my leg to wrap around the horse and really lengthen, so I can use different parts of my leg, from the ankle to the calf, to the thigh.

Can you show dressage in an all purpose saddle?

Saddles – Any English saddle can be used for all of the tests. Traditionally a black dressage saddle is used for the dressage test and a brown all purpose or jumping saddle is used for jumping and cross country.

Can you do flatwork in a close contact saddle?

But if you are aware of your position, your hip angle, and the length of your leg, you can still ride effectively on the flat in a jump saddle.”